Code Enforcement

The responsibility of the Township under its Code of Ordinances and the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the enforcement of these codes and regulations. The Township is committed to doing so in a careful, efficient, and impartial manner.

To this end, you may reach out to the Township office with any questions you may have related to the enforcement of the Township’s regulations, such as the time of day when noise levels are regulated to decrease or when a permit is required for work.

The Township also has a confidential complaint form that may be filled out and emailed to the office for the staff to review any matter appropriately. This form offers confidentiality but not anonymity. Anonymous complaints are difficult to enforce as there could be details or more information the staff requires to address a concern judiciously. Therefore, we ask that members of the community utilize the form in its entirety and not omit information that helps the Township take enforcement action when appropriate.

Noise Complaints

If you have a noise complaint, make sure to contact the Northern Berks Regional Police Department while it is happening. The Township is not able to enforce noise ordinance rules.

Township residents should keep in mind noise volume can affect the comfort, convenience, and quality of life of neighbors. There are specific criteria for noise volume which can be found in the township’s ordinance. In short, noise can be louder from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM but should be monitored to make sure it does not become overly loud. 

Additionally, noise from any animal incessantly for 10 minutes or intermittently for 1/2 hour or more is a violation, unless there is legitimate cause. Engaging in loud or raucous yelling, hooting, or other disturbing-noise-producing conduct is also a violation. As a general rule of thumb, be mindful of those around you and be a good neighbor.

Please reference the Code of Ordinances if you have any questions.

Yard Complaints

The Township does work with the Code Enforcement Officer to examine property complaints. In brief, the code of ordinances states that grass and weeds must be kept from growing to height in excess of 10 inches. Grass overgrowth is most commonly the issue, but other property complaints can be found in the Code of Ordinances

Residents can share complaints via “Report a Concern” on the website, emailing, or calling the office. Upon receiving the complaint, the Township sends out a courtesy letter to the address that received the complaint. This letter explains which ordinances they have broken and gives them a grace period to fix the issue. After 10-15 days, the Code Enforcement Officer is sent out to view the property and decide if further action is necessary.

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