Yard Site & Curbside Pickup

Maidencreek Township provides curbside brush pickup in the Spring and Fall at designated times. This includes branches with a diameter no greater than 18”. Ornamental grass and garden plants should not be put out for brush pickup; these items should be placed out for leaf collection. Leaf collection takes place in the Spring and Fall at designated times. For all those times in between, the Township provides a drop-off site at 61 Lakeshore Drive, next to the Township building.

Receive access to the yard site by filling out BOTH the application and waiver forms below, which can be turned into the Township Building for a keycard to the Yard Waste Site. When using the gate, please make sure to place your car at the gate or bring it into the site with you. There is a 3-minute automatic timer that will count down unless you obstruct the gate with your vehicle or re-open it by bringing your car up to the gate. A keycard panel has now been added to the inside of the site so you can re-open it if you have your keycard on you as well.

Recycling Information

The Township provides curbside recycling pickup twice a month for all residential dwellings except apartment buildings with more than four units. A reference for what can NOT be recycled is embedded HERE. Recycling must be placed by the road the evening before pick up.

Please place the following items in the blue recycling bins: plastic bottles (1-7), steel and aluminum cans, and all colors of unbroken glass jars and bottles. Rinse food from cans and bottles and remove the caps and lids before placing them in the bin. Newspapers, magazines, paper, and cardboard should all be placed in the recycling bin as well. Your recycling will NOT be picked up unless it is in a Maidencreek Township-issued recycling bin or has a Maidencreek recycling sticker.

Recycling Bins & Stickers

The township provides recycling bins and lids to Maidencreek residents. We also provide stickers for residents who want to use their own recycling bins. These can be found at the Township building for no cost. We do not dispose of old or damaged recycling bins.

Annual Drop Off

Each year, we have an annual drop-off at the Township building. The drop off is held on a weekend day in September and is always listed on the yearly calendar, labeled as Fall Clean-up. The date is also listed in the community newsletter each year. 

The Following Items can be dropped off: Furniture, clothing, lumber scraps, carpet, metal, household items, mowers, tires without rims, automotive, SUV & truck batteries, latex paint (must be dried or filled with kitty litter), hot water heaters, hot tubs, appliances (Freon must be removed and tagged with technician’s ID # and date). 

The Following Items cannot be dropped off: Computers, TV sets, hazardous waste, daily garbage, concrete, bricks/blocks, grass, leaves, motor oil, lubricants, paints, paint thinner, turpentine, pesticides, noxious, caustic, and acidic chemicals, asbestos, metal drums, propane tanks, items containing oil or gas, any type of explosive, including gun loading materials. 



County of Berks/Solid Waste Authority

The Berks County Solid Waste Authority was established by the Berks County Commissioners on August 19, 1992. The role of the Solid Waste Authority is to protect the health and welfare of the residents of Berks County and to provide a means whereby Berks County can effectively and efficiently manage and implement the Solid Waste Plan.

Upcoming Recycling Days

Recycling Day for Red Zone

June 28

Recycling Day for Blue Zone

July 5

Recycling Day for Red Zone

July 12

Recycling Day for Blue Zone

July 19